Bild Air freight vs. sea freight

Air freight vs. sea freight

Contractual penalty avoided through 3-shift work

A batch of 6000 boxes of winter jackets was delayed by more than 2 weeks before it could leave production in Bangladesh. The shipment needed to be switched from sea to air freight. Five 20-foot containers landed in Frankfurt am Main. Particularly spicy: the goods had already been announced in print and television advertising. As usual in such cases, the manufacturer was threatened with a drastic contractual penalty or even a refusal to accept the entire delivery. So that the goods could still be sold in time in the 30 German and European shops, the complete shipment was labelled and delivered in 4 days – in 3-shift operation around the clock! A race for every hour. Mondo Logistic informed its customer about all steps and thus was able to transmit the delivery details to its customer promptly. The shipment was delivered on time to all 30 distribution centres.


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